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Ponago Headache (60g)

Ponago Headache (60g)

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Relieve your headaches and find solace in our Ponago Headache Shower Steamer 🌿🚿! Designed to ease tension and discomfort, this innovative shower steamer works its magic when placed in the corner of your shower, allowing the warm water to release its soothing aromas. 🌬️✨ Inhale the calming scents and feel the tension melt away as you step into your own personal oasis of relief. 🌟🚿 Elevate your self-care routine with the Ponago Headache Shower Steamer, perfect for those who seek comfort and relaxation during those nagging headaches. 🛁💆‍♂️

Smells of: lemon and chamomile

Ingredients: Bicarbonate of soda, Corn starch, Epsom salts, SLSA, Cream tartar, citric acid, polysorbate 80, Fragrances, MICAS, colorants, menthol crystals and alcohol.

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